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Welcome To Centrifuge Spares International

We are pleased to present ourselves as reliable suppliers of separator spare parts, complete reconditioned separators, control systems for separators, Suitable for marine and industrial applications. Ours is an organization established in 2008 by technically qualified and experienced engineers in the field of Industrial and Marine Centrifuges. Our a team of engineers have a long experience in the field of Mineral Oil, Vegetable Oil, Bio-diesel etc. We supply food grade Separators for applications requiring hygienic standards, Mineral Oil Separators, Decanters for Industrial Process Systems, Heating Control System etc.

List of Products Presently being Manufactured

  • Marine & Industrial Centrifuges Of Alfa Laval® & Westfalia® Reconditioning, Servicing & Spares
  • Alfa Laval-Decanters Spares & Servicing
  • Design & Fabrication Of Industrial Skids
  • Design & Manufacturer Of All Types Of Heat Exchangers
  • Vertical And Horizontal Low Watt Density & Indirect Heaters
  • Process Automation
  • Spares For Engines & Turbocharges
  • Booster Module
  • Temperature Controllers
  • Projects
  • Instruments Control Panels
  • Sequence / Logic Controllers / Alarm Annunciation

Our Products

  1. Dip Pretreatment
  2. Powder Coating Booth
  3. Conveyorised Conventional Oven
  4. Water Drying Ovens
  5. Liquid Painting Plants
  6. Varnishing Plants
  7. Varnishing Plants
  8. Varnishing Plants