If you are suffering from any of this following problem problems.

  • Difficulty in sourcing quality product at competitive price
  • Difficulty in sourcing expects engineering service.
  • Concerns over product quality and availability
  • Pricing issues
  • Downtime due to wrong supply or non-technical suppliers who just want to sell.

Solution for all the above problems is Centrifuge Spares International

  • Cost competitive manufacturing directly released to customers
  • Global company setup has been tuned to rated manufacturing specialized parts which leads to active response to customer needs
  • Staffed with engineers having centrifuge and rotation machinery background gives Centrifuge Spares International and Edge over regular after marketers due to the specialised nature of marine components, because we believe in providing solution
  • Over 5000 parts in stock
  • Dependable supply of quality replacements and brand new system, offering significant cost saving and manufactured through a deliberate process of components engineering with dedicated 100 percent quality check at every stage.

Key Benefit

Dependable supply of quality replacement parts, offering significant cost savings and manufactured through a deliberate process of component engineering with a dedicated 100 percent quality checks at every stage.